Post wedding in L'Empordà

This was my second session with an Asian couple, but unlike the first, this time they chose the Begur area, in the Baix Empordà.
A few days before the session, we draw a small route between the beautiful villages that exist in that area, trying to combine coastal towns with inland towns.

The day began at 8 a.m. in your hotel. There the make-up artist gave them the final touches before starting a session that was going to lengthen until 19 p.m.

As with the other Asian couple, with whom I was also almost an entire day, it was a session as calm and rewarding as exhausting at the end of the day. With the brutal difference that is the fact of photographing in such a grateful environment, during the week and out of season.

In the end I think I did both tour guide and photographer. It is an area that I know very well. Not in vain was my summer resort since I was 18, when my mother went to live in Begur.

And I loved it. Peace and relax, returning to travel landscapes and towns that had not returned for a long time. And the faces of them. What a gift! They were really excited with each place, with each town, with each landscape ... They were so kind and grateful that only for that reason it was already worth it.

At the end of the session they even confessed that when they had a child they would come back and we would have a family session.

I remember driving back in the middle of the afternoon, without having seen any news, without having consulted any whatsapp, facebook, or instagram, nothing. Just peace. Today, a strange and wonderful feeling.

Here I leave a small gallery with a few more ...

Post wedding in Barcelona

Actually it is a pre-wedding session, but performed as if it were a post-wedding. In Barcelona city, that’s true!.
The good thing about this type of sessions is that you can have a lot of time to make some images of the couple, because on the day of the wedding it’s impossible…everything goes very fast and scheduled. In general, you usually have 15-20 minutes to have a few images of the couple on their big day.

This session began at 10 a.m. and lasted until 7:30 p.m. But we were not all the time photographing, of course. A lot of time is lost in arriving at a site, finding the location and preparing to photograph. The sites they chose were: El Poble Espanyol, Las fuentes de Montjuic and surroundings, the Cathedral and a part of the Gothic and finally, the Turó de la Robira. They are only four locations, but it took us almost all day.

 Fotógrafo bodas Barcelona

The result is that I am delighted with my first session dedicated full time to a very close couple in my city, Barcelona. Yes, it was exhausting, but also very grateful. And surprised by the number of couples we met on a working monday who also went to these sites to be photographed.

 Wedding photographer Barcelona

And I take very positive notes of this experience that will serve me if I make a second session in Barcelona city. Because it’s true that a lot of my sessions are not in the city, but in nearby, quieter locations, about 30 minutes at most.

A few days later, I had the opportunity to carry out the same concept but in the area of Begur “and surroundings”. But this I will tell you in another post …